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Cliff Northcote

Cliff Northcote EDGETA Branch 22

Hall of Fame Chairman Howard Hodson presenting plaque to Cliff Northcote.
Born 7-2-1947

Cliff was raised on his family’s dairy farm in Santee, California. His love of tractors and farm equipment came at an early age. He married Mary Louise (Lou) Bauer in 1968. They have 3 sons,  Randy, Rick and Rob, and two granddaughters, Jenna and Annabella. 

Cliff served in the Navy and when he was stationed close to home he would get up early to help his dad feed and milk the cows before he went to his ship at the San Diego Naval Station.

Cliff first became involved with EDGE&TA when attending a branch 22 function in 1993 with his son Rick. Rick said he wanted to join Branch 22 and being the supporting father that he is, he and his wife joined along with Rick. Little did he know at that time what a valuable asset he was going to be to our organization.

Some key dates are as follows: From 1995 – 2000 Cliff served as president of Branch 22. In 2000 he became a director and vice president of our National organization. Cliff continued on as a director in 2001 and was then elected president. In 2002 he remained on the board as a director and in 2003 served as director at large. During this time Cliff worked very hard to resolve some of the National insurance issues. His term was completed in 2003 and (through the urging of his wife) he returned to serve as president of Branch 22 and currently remains in that position. WE IN BRANCH 22 ARE SO FORTUNATE!!

Cliff opens his ranch for Branch 22 events in May for a show called Friends & Family and again in December for the Branch 22 annual Christmas party. Even though these events are only scheduled for one or two days, many bring their motor homes and stay for a few days. There is always something of interest going on. ‘

As well as playing a key role with our Branch, Cliff is an elder of the Lake Morena Community Church and has been very instrumental with the building of their new facility. He helps with community events that are put on by the church and other organizations and makes sure that the kids, elderly and needy are taken care of.

Cliff was a board member of the local Mountain Empire Unified School District for 13 years and continues to serve on boards in the community.

He was a 4-H leader for many years and raised pigs for the kids to exhibit.

Cliff attends many Regional & National shows to help promote our Branch 22 and support our hobby.

Cliff has several tractors, engines, washing machines as well as other items of interest from our past. Some of them are pretty rare. He is eager to share his knowledge with others and to help promote our hobby every chance he gets. Several years ago he purchased Menno Kliewer’s trailer and has taken it to many shows.

He recently acquired The Funny Farm Display and The Silly Goose Display from an EDGE&TA member.

The Branch 22 board of directors feel Cliff’s contributions and dedication to EDGE&TA and to our hobby are worthy of special recognition.