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Clifford Park

Clifford Park EDGETA Branch 123

Clifford Park has always been a great supporter of gas engine and tractor clubs in the areas where he has resided. He was active in this hobby in Indiana before he moved to the Missouri. He helped organize Branch 37, Tired Iron of the Ozarks in June of 1992 at Gentry Arkansas. In the year 2000 he was major factor in organizing Branch 123, Farm Echoes of Yesteryear at Anderson, MO. the town in which he lived. He served as one of the officers in that branch until his wife’s health required she move to Ohio to be close to family for help. Clifford could always be counted on to make sure things went smooth at the branch shows and meetings. 

He restored several gas engines and old tractors in the past twenty years. He would enlist the help of some young person to which he taught the art of restoring antique equipment and how to maintain that equipment. He did a lot of welding work for the club members and others in the community. He always declined payment for the welding work he did. 

Clifford was a great stained glass artist. He would work for months on a stained glass item and then give the beautiful master piece to a church, an individual, or group. 

He was took part in a lot of community projects involving the youth of the community. He taught these youth a lot about the moral values he believed in and always set a high standard for them to emulate. Ohio has gained a great citizen and Clifford will be greatly missed by the Anderson, MO community and by Branch 123, Farm Echoes of Yesteryear.