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John Boehm

John Boehm EDGETA Branch 13

John Boehm distinguished himself by-serving Branch 13 as the newsletter editor and a Director for the last 18 years. As Editor of the largest EDGE&TA branch, John not only kept the members up to date on branch and EDGE&TA activities, he also shared his views and news articles with many other branch editors throughout the nation. He was one of the first editors to publish a branch newsletter online as a service to all members. For many years “The Chugger” reached more engine and tractor enthusiasts than any other similar publication. John’s dedication to publishing informative EDGE&TA articles, photos, show reports, accurate technical information, and classified ads made the arrival of “The Chugger” an exciting event throughout the engine and tractor community. 

As a Branch Director he is always aboveboard, with the branch charter and goals as his guide. His highly valued opinions and logical discussions have shaped the branch more than any other member. His dedication to the membership and his leadership style has molded many new branch directors over the years. He maintains excellent records, membership rosters, historical documents, and is the branch authority on the bylaws.

As an EDGE&TA member for over 25 years, John has distinguished himself greatly by actively promoting our hobby, promoting participation, and being a strong advocate and role model for all youth activities. He is one of the founding members of EDGE&TA Branch 158. In addition to the local branch activities he faithfully participates in the annual Colusa County Farm Days, an educational event for elementary school students, the California state fair and several local county fairs. He was instrumental in organizing the first cross country tractor ride in northern California. The 2005 Red Bluff Endurance Run consisted of 19 EDGE&TA participants, driving their tractors on an exciting two day event covering more than 115 miles.

He is widely known as a “John Deere” expert and “B” series collector but his interest in Oliver and anything unusual are just as strong. His favorite tractors have been featured in Randy Leffingwell’s books and calendars. John’s willingness to help others find the parts and data needed to restore a tractor or other farm equipment has connected him to many people throughout the country.- His willingness to share his expertise and knowledge, to loan parts across the country, and assist anyone in completing a project has gained him many mends in EDGE&TA.

Born in Dickinson, North Dakota on September 8, 1949, his family moved to CA when he was 6 months old. His father was a school teacher and his mother a homemaker. He remained close to his uncle, Paul Meyer, who had a dairy farm in Gladstone, North Dakota where John spent summers as a teenager working on his uncle’s farm. His uncle Paul sparked his interest in tractors and also gave him his first real job as a fourteen year old farm hand. This introduction to tractors and farming stayed with him and has been a major influence in his life.

John attended schools in the Sacramento, CA area and the University of California at Davis, graduating in 1976 with a Ph.D. in Chemistry.

John and his wife Kathy, a Registered Nurse, live on the Rusty Acres Ranch in Woodland, CA, with son Matt and daughter Julia. John, a General Contractor and walnut farmer, instilled the love of tractors in both his wife and son who are often seen participating with him in shows and parades as a family.

His contributions and dedication are worthy of special recognition and he deserves to be honored among those who have dedicated so much of themselves to EDGE&TA.