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Mace Archer

Mace Archer EDGETA Branch 11

Mace Archer is a Charter Member of the K&O Steam and Gas Engine Association. He is also a member of the Oklahoma Steam Threshers and Gas Engine Association.

Mace has served in many capacities for the K&O Club, in the early days of the club he was the Editor of the quarterly newsletter. For many years he has served on the club’s Board of Directors holding the position of Executive Director up until just the last few years.

He has served on numerous committees, for many years he was the head of the Clean­-Up committee for our annual show, showing, his servant’s heart by making sure the grounds were all cleaned up as the show ended.  As health has declined he has passed this position on to his son.  He has also been very active on the Steam Engine Committee.  In 1991 the club purchased a 1911 Altman-Taylor 16HP Steam engine.  Mace and his son spent a great deal of time re-plumbing the entire steamer as well as building a new canopy for it.  There is no doubt Mace has spent more time helping other people with their things than he has spent on his own. Nevertheless he has personally restored a 1020 International as well as 1020 International Mogul and displayed them at our show for many years.

A Jeweler and expert watch/clock repairman by trade, Mace is one of those rare individuals who have a knack for the meticulous.  It is probably this trait that got him interested in the function and restoration of old steam gauges.  Up until the last year Mace has taught classes on this subject at the Pawnee Steam School, in Pawnee, Oklahoma as well as several other sites that the school has traveled to, including schools in Missouri and Indiana.  He is well known for his talent.   If you go to YAHOO! on your computer and type in the words Mace Archer and Steam you will find that there arc people out there passing his name around and discussing his good work!

I am sure we have missed many things that Mace has done throughout the years. There are so many more little things that go unnoticed by most, not the least of which would be how he always makes sure to bring the donuts to each monthly club meeting!

Mace is just a special guy who, as his son would say has “Never found anything that was too impossible for him.”  He is always willing to help you out, no matter what it is you are working on.   He is just a wonderful human being with a delightful personality. He has been a great ambassador for our club.