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Richard Lemieux

Richard Lemieux EDGETA Branch 54

Richard Lemieux has been the sold link of our club to EDGETA: making sure the club meets and/or exceeds Safety Rules and procedures.  At each and every Club Meeting he gives a safety report on subjects from tractors to home safety.  Richard has been the Safety Officer since the inception of the club of the Club in 2006.

When told his name would be submitted for the Hall of Fame, Richard was very reluctant stating “not one person makes a club.”  However being involved in several organizations myself, I know it is that one person who keeps a Club together and running smoothly.

When the current president of our Club, Ken Foley, stepped down during annual nominations, Richard was the Vice President.  The entire Club wanted him to be the President but he declined gracefully stating, he functions better for the Club as Safety Officer and all around guru solving problems.  Thus I became the President.

I know no one else more deserving of this award then he.

Richard, with a group of four other people, started the Club in 2006.  He personally went to Boston, MA and established our Charter and Tax Exempt status.

The faculty/grounds where we hold our meetings and semi/annually Shows, belongs to the past president.  Richard became the lead and vocal person who established a museum on the property showcasing both restored and working Antique Tractors and Farm Equipment.  He continues as the Chairperson of the museum, which is open to the public at all meetings/shows and other events.

At any event, parade or shows you can count on Richard bringing three or four of his finely restored tractors.  He also is the one who usually pulls the people mover making sure it is done right.

I know if you independently asked any member of our club about Richard, they would say he is the constant of the club.