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Robert Moore

Robert Moore EDGETA Branch 28

     Robert Moore was born Feb 14, 1931 and raised in Iowa on a farm.  Enlisted in the Navy (Korean War) for four years and married Barbara while in the Navy.  He served on a repair ship.  Returned to Iowa and rented a farm.  When the farm was sold, he packed up the family and moved to Douglas County, Mo, and bought 100 acres.  They have lived there for over 40 years.  He spent most of the time employed as a mechanic (very good) by various tractor dealers in the area.  Bob and his three sons deal in antique tractor parts in Missouri, Oklahoma, and Kansas. 

     Bob is a charted member of Branch 28.  Bob and a few other men wanted to start a tractor club for people who had interest in restoring and exhibiting old tractors and gas engines.  When a new project is started, you can believe that Bob will be in the middle and usually do a lot of work on anything that needs to be done.  He and his wife Barbara have 3 boys and 1 girl.  The whole family is involved in the hobby, some maybe more than others. When the show starts you will find Barbara in the cook shack cooking or doing something to keep thing going.  Bob will be out on the grounds making things work.

     At present he is vice-president of Branch 28 and is a past president of Ozarks Older Iron Club of Cabool, Missouri.  We can always count on Bob to be at the club work parties and many times he is there by himself on odd days.  He gives a lot of his time and labor to the community, working in the food pantry, volunteer fire department, cleaning up tornado damage in Oklahoma, ice storm damage, and cutting firewood for widow ladies.  He is a fountain of knowledge on old tractors and equipment and is always willing to share with anyone. 

      Bob is a John Deere collector along with other brands. He is another man that has served his time in the farm community and deserves the honor of being inducted into the National Early Day Gas Engine & Tractor Association Hall of Fame.

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Branch 28, Cabool, Missouri