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To promote fellowship among the branches and members, a National Show, hosted by one or more of the branches is held annually.  The location alternates between the eastern and western areas of the nation.  The Regional Shows, hosted by one or more branches within each of the six regions, may be held annually.

The National/Regional Show Coordinator selects the branches to host the national and regional shows in numerical order, by branch number.  Ideally, this is done two years in advance which gives the branches adequate time to plan for these special shows.  If a branch declines their opportunity to host a show the opportunity is passed to the next branch number.  Branches may combine with one or more branches and host a show together.

The Board of Directors approves the dates, locations, and host branches.

Each year the National sends $1000 to Branch hosting a National Show and $300 to each of 5 Branches hosting a Regional Show.

To determine the sequence of a branch’s position on the show schedule contact the National/Regional Show Coordinator or the National Secretary listed on the Administration web page.

Branches chosen to host the National and Regional shows are selected as follows:

  • National shows are selected by the next Branch number within one of three annually rotating divisions. Starting in 2017 the three annual rotating divisions for National Show are: NE/SE, NC/SC, NW/SW.
  • Regional shows are selected by the next Branch in that region each year. Except there will be NO Regional show within region the National show is held.

(How to prepare to host a local, national or regional show)

2018 National Show

National Show & Meeting: Branch 107 - Flint Hills Antique Power Association
June 29-30, 2018 (Friday-Saturday) – Emporia, Kansas
Contact: Glen Knuth – 620-343-6351

2018 Regional Shows

NW: Branch 159 - NW Old Iron Club
August 17-18-19, 2018 (Friday-Sunday) – Tillamook, Oregon (1 mile north downtown) Blue Heron Cheese Co.
Feature: Anything made in Oregon: Show Flyer | Exhibitor & Dinner Reservation | More Information
Contact: Doug Hendrickson – Home: (503) 842-8460, Cell: (503) 812-2609 , Email:  [email protected]
2nd Contact: Vince Bogard – (503) 801-4900, Email: [email protected]
NC: No Regional Show - Hosting National
NE: Branch 133 - Maine Antique Tractor Club
June 23-24, 2018 (Saturday-Sunday) – Annual Tractor Festival – 351 Waterville Rd., Norridgewock, Maine
Contact: Pam Vaillancourt – (207) 431-2718, Email: [email protected]
2nd Contact: Mathew Hunter – (207) 622-6608, Email: [email protected]
SW: Branch 13 - McFarland Living History Ranch
October 5-6-7, 2018 (Friday-Sunday) – 8899 Orr Road, Galt, CA. 95632
Contact: Richard VanDerostyne – (209) 810-5913, Email: [email protected]
SC: Branch 37 - Tired Iron of the Ozarks
September 8-9, 2018 – 13344 Taylor Orchard Rd, Gentry, Arkansas
Web Site:
Contact: Glen Smith – (479) 736-2841
2nd Contact: Larry Morrison – (479) 524-0450
SE: Branch 119 – Stumptown Tractor Club
October 20-21, 2018 (Saturday-Sunday) – Hodges Farm, Charlotte, North Carolina
Contact: Joe Ferguson – (704) 201-4363
2nd Contact: Jim DeArmon – (704) 506-3770

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